Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old New Friends, and the Road Ahead...

Have you ever just met someone you felt as though you'd known for a lifetime? Someone who makes you consider the possibility of reincarnation, because you just know you were sisters in another life?

Such was the case when I met Ann "in person" for the first time last week. We'd chatted online and via telephone for some time, and regularly read the details of each others' lives on facebook, and I'm sure were both hoping we'd hit it off as well in person as we do in the virtual world (especially considering this road trip we're planning!) Anywho, I'm happy to report I found Ann even more delightful once I'd actually met her, and I think (I hope) she feels the same.

Some weird coincidences: We're the same sign (Leo), with our birthdays just days apart. We have the same middle name (Louise). We love art and collecting, and have many of the same friends in common. We share the same dream vacation, and a love of animals (more on this later as we determine whether a visit to the Best Friends shelter in Utah is possible along the way).

In short, sisters in another lifetime. ;)

The week went by far too fast, although we did manage to squeeze quite a bit in, beginning with a visit to the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA. A few pics follow...

We also did a fair amount of driving country backroads, where we came across sights like this one - a one room Mennonite schoolhouse...

And even a covered bridge...

So cool. :)

There was dinner at mutual friend Jennifer MacNeill Traylor's house (delicious fajitas and margaritas) and far too many lunches to suit my weight loss goals, hehe. (Back on track today!)

The one thing we didn't do was map out the Road Dust and Wanderlust itinerary! So that's a goal for the coming weeks. :)

To that end, if there's a fabulous, quirky, or offbeat landmark or site you'd like to recommend, please DO! We won't be able to hit them all, but we're relying heavily on local knowledge when it comes to determining a route, and "must-see" stops. So please jump in with your thoughts. The trip is just seven short months away...

In the meantime, it's back to South Carolina for Ann, and back to the studio for me!

Thanks for your interest in our adventures, and I will try to post more often as the journey approaches.

Happy Travels!
♥ Carolee