Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The final countdown...

With just about ten weeks to go, there have been some changes in the first part of the itinerary, and excitement is building. After heading south to Virginia and North Carolina (where it looks like we'll miss Asheville, but it's a semi-regular destination anyway) we'll drive east to Sullivan's Island and Charleston, then south again to spend a few days in beautiful St Augustine...

...Where we're looking forward to a visit with artist Iva Wilcox. From there, it's south again, to the southernmost point in the nation, Key West! Soooooo excited about this!

Next, it's a drive up the gulf coast, north just a wee bit (we're trying to stay off the interstates) and points west.

So many friends to see along the way, so many little towns to visit, quirky offbeat sites to see, so much of this beautiful country to discover! We'll be blogging and posting pics as we go, and do hope that you follow along, and join in the fun by commenting...We'd love to hear from you - and actually hope to SEE some of you, hehe!

In the meantime, it's back to the studio for me. Time is getting short, and there's much to be accomplished before our departure....

Until next time,
♥ Carolee

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fourteen Weeks!

Give or take a few days, our cross country adventure begins in just fourteen weeks!! Do you know how fast fourteen weeks flies by?

For a while there, with John in the hospital, it was looking as though we may need to postpone. But he's home and feeling great, for which we are ever so thankful. So as of this first day of February, it's looking like we may actually pull this epic road trip off!

There's much to be done, including getting a passport (on my own agenda this week) and a crazy cool vehicle (which Ann has decided to do, and OMG, wait until you see it!!)

We'll be traveling in style and comfort in a (insert game show prize hostess "TA-DAAA" emphasis here) *brand new Road Trek*!!!

How cool is THIS?

I'm giddy with excitement, and while we still plan to alternate between this, and hotels/B and Bs, I have to say - having never, ever camped - I think this is my kind of camping, hehe! :)

There's still much planning to do, but we've determined that the first leg of the trip will be south from Pennsylvania into Virginia, where our first stop will be a visit with fellow PFATTIE and EHAG artist Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head. I'm also hoping to visit EHAG's witchy stitcher, Lori Brechlin's Notforgotten Farm, and see her lovely shop.

From Virginia, we'll travel south to the Asheville, N.C. area, spending part of the journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is always amazing in spring...

The Folk Art Center there is a must-see, and a visit with my Mom over in Rutherford County. And of course, there's Asheville proper, one of my favorite places on earth. Where else can you find a free spirited drumming circle in the center of town every Friday evening?

From Asheville, we'll head southeast to Ann's beach house on Sullivan's island, N.C....How adorable is this little town?

*Swoon*! What a wonderful place to live...

From South Carolina, we're off to points west, but that all remains unplanned. We're hoping to make this tour as "artsy" as possible, visiting studios, galleries and artist and collector friends along the way. If you have a suggestion for "must see" sites across the country, please do share! We'll be staying largely south, then up the west coast, then back via the northern route, but beyond that, we're winging it (and hoping to see some of you along the way!)

Until next time, wishing you many artful adventures...

♥ Carolee